PlaybackNOW® – Automated DVD Playback

PlaybackNOW SoftwarePlaybackNOW – No more rack shelves, DVD decks and stick-on IR remotes!

Playback anytime – whether you are on-site or not, weekday or weekend, viewers may enjoy quality entertainment or educational programming that you select. Pick the time and day to start and stop each DVD. Use this system to replay any prerecorded DVD materials, training and more.

It’s easy! Just load up to (8) DVD’s into the PlaybackNOW system and schedule the date and times you wish each to play. Ideal for unattended operation on weekends. Just load the DVD’s before leaving on Friday and let the show begin on its own. This automated system may be added as an independent new channel on your TV system, or it can share an existing channel used for in-house messages. It will work with any TV system including cable TV, satellite or master antenna.

PlaybackNOW SoftwareEasy to use! 10 minute learning curve

Just select the Player # on the scheduling software, then select the days and times you wish to play. You can repeat the same DVD at different times to accommodate the schedule of different people whom may miss the specified time.

Example —

Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday
DVD #1 – 2:00 PM DVD #3 – 2:00 PM DVD #2 – 2:00 PM
DVD #2 – 7:00 PM DVD #1 – 7:00 PM (repeat #2 from Fri)
(replace DVD's daily) (repeat #1 from Fri) DVD #4 – 7:00 PM

When DVD’s are not being played– a countdown timer along the bottom of the screen shows time to next show and the title to be played. In the center section of the screen—instead of a blank screen—entertain with one of these choices:
A:     a slide show of stock images or jpg images that you add. Add photos of your property, residents, nature, hometown landmarks, scenery and more. Watch and listen with the audio background music of stored MP3’s or the pass through audio input from any source.
B:     generate income using the web-based character generator. Create ads and sell to local businesses or use for informational messages.