I-netNOW® – Internet access using tv wiring

Make Internet access easy using DOCSIS cable modems. This is the same method used by every major cable TV company. The Internet signal runs over the same RG-6 coaxial cable that is used to deliver TV signals on a 2-way capable wiring system. Capable of speeds up to 36MBPS, the only limiting factor is the land line connection desired. Speed and distance have no limitation making this a viable option for properties with distance between units or where wireless coverage is spotty.

Many IT departments have spent countless weeks or years trying to make a wireless system work. Thick wall, multiple levels, mirrors all present challenges in addition to the very challenge of helping seniors use wireless itself. InetNOW is the solution— it's easy, and it works. Once the Internet signal reaches the TV outlet, it may then be connected either wired or wireless. Service may be offered free to residents or rebilled at a profit.

The facility only pays for the outlets utilizing the service. After installation of the hardware which may be purchased or leased, the low wholesale facility cost of $ 5.95 to $8.95 is typically resold to residents at $ 15-$30.00. With our optional 24/7 resident help desk, operations are easy.

Installation cost is by quotation and based on number of rooms, type of wiring currently in place, and availability of land line connection. If you have 20 or more residents interested in Internet access--this will most likely be a viable solution.