GuideNOW® – 3 versions to suit your needs

This product is an analog on-screen TV guide that is customized to a particular property. It is ideal for any headend or analog tier up to 120 channels. No satellite connection is required—just a high speed Internet connection.

Just send a copy of the channel line-up and we create the customized guide showing your exact channel listing with program description. Unique channels such as “front door camera," "community information channel” may be listed. Listings are accurate and based on the time zone for the property.

GuideNOW Full Screen image GuideNOW (full screen)
Up to 120 channels, screen area shows TV listings only and is customizable with private cable operator logo or property name logo in the top corner. The full screen area is nearly all TV listings.

GuideNOW with Weather image GuideNOW with Weather
This model adds a text bar at the bottom of the screen with 4 rotating information panels:
1.) Current conditions
2.) Today’s forecast
3.) Tomorrow’s forecast
4.) Property logo

GuideNOW with Ads and Weather image GuideNOW with Advertising/Messaging and Weather
May be used as information channel and/or to sell advertisements. The creation of message pages or banner ads is via a secured web interface by the operator and may be created off site anywhere by using a log-in password. The full function character generator allows importing photos, graphics and uses a variety of fonts and background colors. Pages of information may be scheduled to play on a schedule by date and time.

* GuideNOW requires an Internet connection at the equipment headend and 1 unit of rackspace. System has SVGA and NTSC output.